When does the dance year begin and end?

Generally the dance year runs from September through June. In summer there are typically intensive workshops for students to fine tune their skills. You can always check our calendar online for the latest information.

How do I register?

Our registration form is available by calling us at 402.885.4931 or emailing marty@dowdsirishdance.com. You can return the form by email, bring it to the first class, or send it via standard post.

What are the fees?

The tuition schedule show the fees for the current year. The fees are paid regardless of attendance and are nonrefundable.

What is your policy on snow days?

We notify parents and students in a variety of ways including text message, Facebook, and email. Our general policy is if local schools have cancelled classes, there will be no class. We will try to hold a make up class, if possible but it is not guaranteed and no fees are refunded due to snow days.

What does you beginning dancer need for their first class?

Beginner and tot students may start out Irish dance using the soft soled starter ballet shoe that can usually be found at local stores like Walmart or Target. Beginners may also use Irish dance shoes but these are not required for class at their level. Dancers are not allowed to dance in their socks. Dancers should wear shorts and a t-shirt for all their lessons. The instructor does need to see the dancers knees so no tights or leggings should be worn during class. Academy wear is available for purchase. We recommend that you bring your own water bottle to class if desired.

Can I watch my dancer at class?

It is our policy that all parents wait outside of the room where lesson are being given. This reduces the amount of disruption allowing teachers to maximize their teaching time.

Do I need to compete or buy a costume?

No. Each dancer should decide if they want to compete. It is an individual decision. No matter whether you compete or dance recreationally, students will receive excellent instruction on proper dance form and technique. Both types of dancers are respected equally at our Academy. Even if students don’t compete they may have opportunity to perform at various functions if they have mastered some basic skills.

How do I to put on an Irish dance wig?

Check out the link http://my.diddlyi.com/video/how-to-put-on-an-irish-dancing-wig.  This is a Youtube video that goes in to some good detail.  Let us know if you find another good video and we can post it here.  Many thanks to the creator of the video.

Further questions?

Feel free to email or call 402.885.4931. We are happy to answer your questions.