Improvements in our dancers


I’m so pleased with all the students’ performance last weekend in St. Louis.  Each February there is a double feis weekend in St. Louis.  The competition is stiff.  Great dancers come from all over the region to compete in these feiseanna.  I was pleased to see the progress in our students with many children placing in their respective competitions.  Sometimes I’m impatient for results and forget this is only year 3 of the school.  The changes I’ve made in our classes and private lessons in the past year have really targeted each student’s particular weaknesses.  These changes have begun to pay off with many kids showing marked improvement.  It’s all about a healthy competitive attitude, dance fundamentals and practice, practice, practice.  I’m glad to report all three have improved in our students.  I’m very proud of their hard work and look forward to seeing them continue to grow as students and competitors.

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